Tingles App: Better Way To Watch ASMR!

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Tingles App: Better Way To Watch ASMR!

I’m so excited about this new app! You can download it for free here. These are some cool features you’ll get if you get Tingles:

  • watch without ads
  • play videos in the background or with your screen turned off
  • set a sleep timer
  • get notifications when there are new videos available
  • support artists with one tap
  • supporters get exclusive videos or early access to new videos
  • supporters can download videos for offline viewing
  • supporters get artist wallpapers, custom app icons and other rewards for fans
  • available for free on both iOS and Android

Support me on tingles and you’ll get exclusive content or you can download your favorite videos for offline viewing!

Here is my video explaining Tingles in detail while giving you tingles from whispering and gentle mic touching:


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