Meditations & Hypnotherapy for Healing Trauma & Anxiety (Album)



I found there are many facet of healing trauma, so I’ve connected with  experts in meditation and hypnotherapy and after a year long collaboration and research, we’ve created unique and powerful meditations including healing the past, transforming nightmares, discovering self-value and creating own safety by reconnecting to all emotions.

Enjoy this powerful and healing collaboration from world-renowned artists sharing their unique gifts through a combination of music, guided meditation, and hypnotherapy. ‘Meditations & Hypnotherapy for Trauma & Anxiety’ provides powerful healing elements that promote deep relaxation and healing of mind, body, and spirit. Learn more about trauma and anxiety here. 

What is each meditation about?

Sleep Metamorphosis For Supportive Dreams (Olivia Kissper): Do you experience nightmares or uncomfortable dreams? Does the fear from having bad dreams prevent you from falling asleep and stay asleep? We tend to avoid even thinking about uncomfortable dreams but that’s why they have power over us and keep coming back. With this guided meditation, you will transform these experiences and will feel empowered by knowing that you can do this anytime in the future. No more anxiety about falling asleep!

Letting go and healing(Suzanne Robichaud): ”As we go through life, we all have experiences that cause us to experience some sort of emotional or physical pain, sometimes this pain is held onto by our subconscious mind to keep us safe… to help us stay away from those experiences in the future. But, all too often the pain we are holding onto ends up limiting us in our life, stopping us from doing things we really want to do or from being our true selves. This hypnotherapy session was created to help you let go of any pain from past experiences, while still holding on to any learning or empathy from the experience. You are then guided to re-connect with all the other amazing emotions that are a part of you, helping you to make these emotions your more dominant emotions. Listening to this repeatedly will help you to become more in control of what you are focusing on and how you feel.”

Healing Past Experiences(Madeline Rinehart): This guided meditation will take you on journey back in time, deep into your subconscious, and right to the very memories and experiences that you are now ready to heal and release. This is a meditation that you can revisit as many times as necessary to work with all past experiences that are causing you stress and anxiety today. This meditation will guide you to release stored emotions, stress, and trauma not only on the mental level but on the cellular level as well.

You Create Your Own Safety(Olivia Kissper)This guided meditation consists of progressive muscle relaxation with contrasting various emotional states to re-program your body into knowing how to be with any sensations or tension caused by uncomfortable thoughts and memories. It is based on yoga Nidra relaxation and it’s been shown to greatly reduce general anxiety and PTSD symptoms.

I am worthy(Madeline Rinehart): This meditation uses the power of subliminal and subconscious messaging to begin programming your mind with thoughts of self-love, self-worth, and self-esteem. With this meditation, you will be entering in a deep, trance-like state of meditation to begin healing past traumas, conditioning, and current anxieties. No matter what your situation is, no matter what you’re going through, or how difficult life may seem, you have the power to heal yourself and transform your entire life.

About the artists: 

Olivia Kissper MSc. – Olivia comes with a background in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness Studies. She has worked as a Relaxation, Meditation and Mindfulness teacher, a Dream Study Researcher, and a Lucid Dreaming teacher. She has an extensive background studying the effects of human experience on the mind and body. She is passionate about discovering how humans connect, feel, influence, and heal each other. 


Madeline Rinehart – Madeline is a certified Law of Attraction coach, Spiritual teacher, and Meditation Guide. She is passionate about the world of metaphysics, spirituality, and mysticism. She has an extensive background working with universal principles such as the Law of Attraction and how thoughts and feelings directly impact an individual’s level of success, health, love, and overall quality of life. Her Guided Meditations are infused with subconscious triggers that allow the listener to easily and effortlessly make subtle changes to old and restrictive thought patterns. She is dedicated to helping others align with their highest potential and guiding them into discovering the power of their subconscious mind. Madeline’s website is at

Suzanne Robichaud RCH – Suzanne is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist with a driving passion for positive change. Her guided meditations focus on hypnotherapy techniques to guide the listener into letting go of their waking consciousness and entering the subconscious part of their mind. This is where Suzanne has observed real changes happening in her client’s lives. Her intention behind everything she does is to help each listener find peace within and gain greater control of their mind and emotions. Suzanne’s website is at


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