Leaking Thoughts! Binaural ASMR Haircut Experiment


Binaural ASMR haircut with close up snipping, whispering and experimenting with letting go of not just the length but also your thoughts that you don’t need anymore. I am going to start with a heavenly scalp massage and preparing your hair by brushing and finding the thoughts we will let go of. In this personal roleplay, hypnosis and relaxation, you will experience ear whispering, soft speaking, cutting, brushing, and more.

Often it is difficult to unwind before sleep before of your omnipresent thoughts. Often these are unsupportive and leave us worried and keep us awake. Unlike in other asmr haircut videos, I am going to focus on both your tingles and be more in control of your thinking processes, so you are more in control and can choose an experience that best support you. After your haircut, you will be able to go to sleep safe, trusting and light.


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