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NEW! Help me to reach a goal to make a bigger and tinglier CINEMATIC MOVIE

I’d like to create another ASMR movie, bigger and tinglier than ever before! I will write it and direct it but need help with producing it and filming it professionally. Film making is extremely expensive from getting equipment and hiring professional crew, to hiring suitable places and buying music and props. Not even mentioning the editing process and software with increasingly larger ultra HD footages and spaces for them. But I know I can make this happen! And bring you a unique, awe-inspiring and tingly narrative that you’ll never forget!

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Why Patreon?

Patreon is a way of becoming a producer of your favorite artist and receive some rewards.  By becoming my patreon, you can get in touch directly with me and share your ideas and unique requests, collaborate, win custom videos, get early access to videos and see behind the scenes pictures and posts! 
​As you know, I love making unique funny and deep ASMR videos and movies. With your help I can bring you more quality and creative content that you will love!
Working with Youtube can be very challenging at times; people steal videos, use adblock or send false copyright claims – this means that any additional income from adsense always fluctuates and  is unreliable. Any reliable support will enable me to focus on creating quality videos that make you relax, think, expand your heart and mind, relieve your stress and worries and most of all, induce an explosion of tingles. We are just scratching the surface of what is possible with ASMR! I have so many ideas about bringing you the tingle explosion, to inspire you, soothe you and empower you. I will always continue to create my videos for you to watch for free, regardless of your pledge.

Support me and I will bring you the most unique ASMR experience!

My goals with your support

With your support, I will be able to:

  • buy professional equipment and software so you can always rely on the best quality, realistic or even mind blowing experience. For example I need a new laptop with a faster processor to handle HD videos, better lights, microphones, lenses, professional editing software, and eventually build a studio for filming.
  • Make another bigger and tinglier EPIC Cinematic ASMR Movie
  • buy more breathtaking audio and video footage that I can use in my videos on Youtube
  • collaborate with other artists to create videos such as the one with Marie Antoinette for an exhibition in England where we bridged history with ASMR  
  • help with interviews and research on ASMR to understand and implement its benefits to health care and psychotherapy (currently, there is a promising research on ASMR and pain relief, ASMR and post traumatic stress disorder etc.)
  • hire a specialized video or audio special effects guru, to create some amazing realistic experience such as in my transpersonal healing video and beyond!

  • eventually, build or rent a soundproof studio so you can enjoy a tranquil background sound in my videos while I can focus on creating more and better content without those constant disruptions such as the traffic, barking, neighbours etc.
  • have time to research empowering ideas and information, test equipment, learn more about filmmaking, editing and more!
  • team up with others artists, writers, cinematographers or researchers whose skills and expertise are way beyond mine to create the most extraordinary experience for you!
Any collaboration ideas always welcome!

Win a Custom ASMR healing video!

Each month, I will send out a post on Patreon asking who’d want to win a personalized ASMR Session?! If you’d like one, just comment on the post and that’s it! (even if it’s just saying hi) I will count the comments and randomly choose one person using the online random number generator.

What to expect?
We’ll have a Skype chat prior to that to connect and discuss the details, talk about your specific preferences or any challenges you’re facing in life. Then, I will create your own personalized super relaxing session for you!
In your session you can expect:

  • guided personalized relaxation, visualization, empowerment, hypnosis or meditation
  • some of your favorite asmr triggers
  • help with any challenges you’re facing
  • help you to create something you desire deeply in your life
  • feeling calm, refreshed and peaceful
  • feeling inspired afterwards

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My confession
What you see on your screen before your bedtime is a product of hours of testing, re-recording, sweating, failing and learning. Sometimes I film in wet clothes because of the hot climate of Central America as the fan would disturb the tranquillity needed for ASMR. I get so nervous before recording that my ears often pop and can’t hear what I am even saying. I rarely make a good video in one go. I often re-record due to noise, my mistakes or nerves. Still, I love creating the content for my videos as it has been the most rewarding experience in my life due to your comments, e-mails, love and support! I am absolutely committed to bring you the best bedtime experience possible!

I focus on exchange and collaboration: I LISTEN to all your requests closely, incorporate your story-lines, implement ideas and learn from your feedback. Please don’t stop, ASMR videos are yours to make, I am only the voice.

See where my ASMR videos take you next… 


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