Monq – Stylish Aromatherapy that calms your nerves

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What is Monq?

MONQ is an organic, natural, tobacco free, nicotine free, way to experience the benefits of Aromatherapy!If you live in a city, you must try MONQ Therapeutic Air as it tries to mimic the air found in the forest, by providing tons of compounds found in the air in the woods. It is like returning to nature, just by breathing the aromatherapy that comes in a beautifully stylish, portable device. You simply inhale through your mouth and while exhaling through your nose, you will smell the beautiful calming aromatherapeutic smells.

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Why do I love Monq?

Monq is a perfect example of how pleasure can be used to connect to yourself, to your senses, to feel more grounded and relaxed. Often, people seek pleasure to cover up some pain; This leads to addictions and compulsive behaviors. According to Paul Pearsall, the author of The Pleasure Prescription, there is a difference between mature and immature pleasure. Where the immature one is often a brief, intense, and goal oriented stimulation and mature pleasure is a way of connecting to the center of our authentic being. Through pleasure we can be in a growing relationship with others and the world.

I love using Monq not only because it relaxes me, but it really helps me to connect to myself through my senses. For me, using breath and pleasure found in those vivid and natural scents acts as a reminder for me to soften, breathe deep and think more clearly. I use them regularly when I meditate, especially when I feel distracted and find it hard to focus. Currently, there is a hypothesis about Monqs facilitating the Autonomous Sensory Meridien Response and I’m excited to hear more from the upcoming research.

Could Monq be Harmful?

After I introduced Monq on my channel, some people were shocked that I ‘vaped’ or confused it with e-cigarettes. Others thought it may be harmful, so I inquired further to make sure they were safe.

This is the answer I received from the creators of Monq when I requested some info regarding any health issues:
MONQ devices turn our custom blends of essential oils and vegetable glycerin into water vapor, carbon dioxide, and a bouquet of various aromatic compounds, such as terpenes. So while the term “vaporizer” is technically accurate, it is unfortunately misleading for our product. MONQ does not contain any of the ingredients commonly found in the overwhelming majority of devices labeled vaporizers, such as nicotine, artificial flavoring, or propylene glycol. This is why we prefer to call MONQ a portable aromatherapy diffuser. MONQ is not an e-cig though as those contain nicotine and often burn the liquids. Also – we have consulted with the world leader on aromatherapy and essential oil safety who has endorsed MONQ as safe.

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