What is Mindful Meditation?

The definition that encapsulates the essence of the present moment is surprisingly simple: Mindfulness meditation is the ability to respond to life creatively. When living our hyper-vigilant lifestyle, our thoughts are surfacing in rapid speed, yet we cannot think clearly. Read more…



What are ASMR Meditations?

ASMR meditations by Olivia Kissper are MP3 recordings of guided meditations crafted to guide you through negative emotional states. The soft spoken word and music are designed to trigger pleasant tingles in your scalp, spine or the whole body to aid the noticing of your sensations, taking you away from your compulsive unsupported thoughts. Read more…


Escaping the Meditation Trap

Despite of the glorification of meditation in the media in the recent years, research suggests that often, we use meditation or mindfulness as an escape from our painful emotions or avoiding uncomfortable situations in our lives. By striving to achieving peace, silence or joy within, we end up avoiding those emotions that are bubbling under the surface. Read more…