Healing Past Trauma And ASMR

How Can ASMR Help in Healing Past Trauma?

We often think of trauma as a domain of war veterans or rape victims but traumatizing experiences happen throughout our lives, especially in our childhood. Not only leave those moments scar on our psyches but unless we heal those experiences, they continue running in the background of our awareness and touch many areas of our lives. Unhealed trauma often leads to hyper vigilance, anxiety, depression or numbness. It is common to have anger outbursts or feel irritable and feel ashamed because others don’t understand our behavior.
Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is more common than we think but the symptoms consist of a spectrum. Here are some symptoms of unhealed trauma:

  • Anxiety, insomnia and nightmares
  • Flashbacks of the traumatizing event even long time after it happened
  • Avoiding thinking about the event or anything that reminds us of it, such as places or situations
  • Hyper vigilance and being easily startled (others might feel like walking on an eggshell around you)
  • Feelings crazy and disconnected from others
  • Aloneness
  • Not expecting ‘normal’ future such as getting married or being ok.
  • Problems with maintaining a relationship
  • Feeling guilt and shame

When we witness or participate in a traumatizing event, our body is in shock. We dissociate from our psyche as a way of surviving and protecting ourselves. But that part of us needs to be reintegrated and accepted in order to move on without above mentioned symptoms. In other words the only way out is through – to feel those uncomfortable emotions in a safe way. I know people who have PTSD from traumatic birth as a newborn, infidelity in adulthood or  breakup. Any situations that leaves us feeling unsafe can lead to trauma!

Many therapists today focus on healing trauma as a fundamental part of therapies and healing. I personally find useful to do breath work, hypnotherapy and inner child healing. But any modality that will help you to feel those emotions that you’re avoiding can have tremendous benefits. Relaxation techniques and Yoga Nidra, for example has shown to improve greatly the symptoms of PTSD when practiced repeatedly. However, I found there are many facet of healing trauma, so I’ve connected with  experts in meditation and hypnotherapy and after a year long collaboration and research, we’ve created a unique and powerful meditation album for healing trauma and anxiety including healing the past, transforming nightmares, discovering self-value and creating own safety by reconnecting to all emotions.

I have also received numerous messages of people who improved their lives by watching my ASMR videos so I’ve been investigated which parts of the videos have the greatest impact. Is it the tingles? Or the compassionate attention? Relaxation? Improved sleep? Specific modalities I’ve been experimenting with in my videos such as inner child healing, acceptance and self-love meditation and affirmations? I came to conclusion that they all seem to play a part, and more; A couple of years ago, I was contacted by a psychotherapist who spoke to me about EMDR. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprograming and consists of being guided to revisit the memory of trauma while prompted to move the eyes in a specific way. He noticed that the way ASMR was  delivered is remarkably similar to EMDR as I move from side to side to create the binaural effect. Therefore, we speculated that ASMR could be a form of EMDR as there are many alternation to the technique also; Other therapists use other ways such as tapping on hands or knees.

EMDR is a technique developed for healing PTSD which has some remarkable results just after a session or few. One recent study indicated that EMDR released symptoms of PTSD by 100% for a single traumatizing event and by 77% in multiple traumas.

From your comments:
‘I recently lost my family to a car accident and find it very difficult to sleep. I happened upon your channel and your voice, personality and attitude do make a big difference to people’s lives. So thank you for doing what you do and keep going.’ Carla

‘Just wanted to say that your last video, with the EMDR, really helped me. I suffer from PTSD and have been moving slowly toward that direction for a while now (none of the other traditional kinds of therapy – CBT, dialectical-behavioral, etc. – have helped) and the sense of relief I felt after a few minutes of that video was immense. Thank you for helping set me on the path!’ Charles

Bellow is my video in which I’ve utilized EMDR with a touch of ASMR and compassionate attention. For best results, use alongside with our meditations for trauma and anxiety:

Meditation & Hypnotherapy for Healing Trauma and Anxiety