How To Communicate Your Boundaries Clearly

How To Communicate Your Boundaries Clearly

There are many ways to communicate your boundaries. Here are examples how not to and how to communicate boundaries in 3 scenarios in life. For more information, watch my video about communicating boundaries here

1. Casual
DEMAND: I can’t stand when you always criticize my work. You should give me more space. I was the one who started this project!
REQUEST (Acknowledge, Need, Request)
I love your sense for detail. You really helped me with my project. Now, I’d love to do some brainstorming by myself to organize my thoughts. Would you come over tomorrow after lunch to look over my paper and give me more feedback then?

2. Intimate relationships/friendships
DEMAND: I wish you listened for once to what I’m saying!
REQUEST (Observation, Feeling, Need, Request)
I’ve noticed that when I speak, you start checking your phone. I’m feeling disrespected and unimportant to you. I have a need to be heard and respected. Would you please tell me when is a good time for you to speak about logistical things about our home and turn off your phone for that? (Dropping defense, the focus is on connection, not on getting your way!)

3. Intrusive/emergency
DEMAND: You can’t do this to me. This is not funny.
COMMAND: Stop right now!

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