ASMR and Healing


ASMR and Healing

ASMR is closely linked to the state of relaxation and pleasant tingles on the scalp, spine or in the body. It is triggered by a close personal attention by another person in a caring altruistic and intimate way such as in check up by a doctor, hair wash in a saloon or having a hand massage.

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During my numerous exploration of various forms of healing, I have noticed that ASMR is almost inevitably always a pleasant part of the method. I have experienced the tingles in Reiki, energy healing, smudging, EFT, with my GP or even my dentist, mostly when the hands by another were placed closed to my body or moved around me in an caring introspective way.

The crucial point in understanding healing and asmr is based on the knowledge about how healing occurs. Our nervous system has two operating systems —stress response, or the fight-or flight – dominated by the sympathetic nervous system and the relaxation response run by the parasympathetic nervous system. Our body has its own self-repair mechanism which only functions when the nervous system is in a relaxation response.

Also, many person-centerd therapies are focused on giving the client unconditional close attention which is connected to ASMR. However, the ‘tingles’ themselves are a taboo topic to discuss in both healthcare and counselling. From my personal conversations with other therapists, we’ve hypothesised that effective ASMR techniques incorporating into counselling and therapies would have great impact on treating various mental conditions, PTSD, traumas etc.

Moreover, there have been various studies about the efficiency of treatment administration with close personal attention from a medic, such as taking personal details, checking the blood pressure and showing interest in the patient’s health prior to the treatment – and without any personal attention. Clearly having a personal attention yields to better results in the treatment. Therefore, ASMR phenomenon is calling for new and more detailed studies on human interaction and attention linked to our healing – both physical and emotional.

I assume that many alternative healing methods such as reiki or acupuncture use certain rituals that allow the person to relax and stimulate the meridians (triggering the tingles) so the body can start healing itself. Therefore, it is not so much about the method itself but about the ritual.

I am excited to see the future development of the uses of ASMR in research and healthcare.