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I am fascinated by the phenomenon ASMR, by our growing empathetic connection to each other and by rapidly evolving technological advances which I see as an extension of ourselves.

Born in Czech Republic, my background is in psychology and transpersonal psychology and consciousness studies. I worked as a Relaxation, meditation and mindfulness teacher, a researcher in a dream study, and was even teaching lucid dreaming. Unlike mainstream psychology, transpersonal psychology investigates human experience rather than human behaviour and I believe it will have many insights into ASMR. I feel there is so much potential in ASMR in discovering how humans connect, feel each other, influence each other and heal each other.

For the first time in the history of humankind we have this opportunity to connect so intimately on a global scale. The implications are possibilities yet to be discovered. So the aim of my work is not to just pacify you and help you to go to sleep, but really find out how we can use this pleasurable feeling of ‘altruistic attention’ to FEEL MORE in our lives. To be more alive. We have a choice; To abuse pleasure or to learn from it and elevate. We can use it to become more alive and actually engaged with others.

Notice more our bodies, our sensations which is crucial in living in the moment. I know that something had shifted in me since I’ve been watching and making ASMR videos – my tingles went up the roof. Today, I am experiencing them daily, in many conversations and interactions. Now we are on this journey together. Not as one family or nation but as a global community. With much gratitude,


My Education


Groover Seminars certificate, Denver, Co; The Art of Feminine presence Teacher Training Level 1

2010 – 2012

University of Northampton MSc; Transpersonal psychology and Consciousness studies

2010 – 2011

Smartfoundations, Brighton Diploma; Relaxation, meditation and mindfulness instructor

2007- 2010

University of Greenwich BSc; Psychology