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Most people can’t sleep or relax because they feel anxious and overwhelmed. They look for an escape in pleasure, ignoring the inner cry for true connection and freedom.  I make reconnective hypnosis videos with asmr tingles on top; They will help you to reconnect with your true nature so you can relax, not just escape.
~ Olivia Kissper MSc.

Are you ready to smash through your anxiety, stress, loneliness or heartbreak?

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Most of my clients find relief from anxiety or negative emotions in just one session. Unlike relaxation techniques, this transformation is long lasting because we address the root of the problem.
ASMR videos, just like using medicines or smoking weed, can provide a temporary relief from anxiety, anger, betrayal, loneliness or sadness. But in long term, it makes those emotions even stronger because they don’t address the underlying issues.
I work only with selective clients who are ready to do what it takes to find true freedom, love and fulfillment. Contact me here for more information or to chat more about how I can best support you on your journey.





Can ASMR be healing? What causes these pleasant tingles? Can you get addicted to the pleasant feeling?



Sensual Relaxation

Sensual relaxation is based on the sensual yoga Nidra of Bliss. I’m going to guide you to move your awareness to various sensations in your body by whispering to you words of pleasure…

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